New Year, New Everything

Our little family started 2016 with a new home, new schools, new job and new town. We moved about three hours away and are getting used to south Texas. We have discovered the places we want to be and those to shy away from, and will hopefully be buying a house in the Shiner or Hallettsville area at the end of next year, maybe sooner.

This move was desperately needed in about a million ways. The kids and I need to be away from the Waco area and all of the awful memories we’ve acquired over the last five years. I couldn’t stand driving by the Delta Inn every morning on my way to work. I hated going by our old neighborhood every day on my way to get the kids. The gut punches never dull or cease. Its been almost three years and it still takes my breath away. I’m ready for something to take my breath away in a positive way. I am waiting expectantly. Good things are coming.

We miss some people and things about home, but honestly, my couch feels the same as it did on Wingate, and then on Lawndale. There have been some unexpected but welcome byproducts of being away from central Texas. Historically, I have a tendency to coax along relationships with people I desperately want in my life (family, friends, romances, otherwise). It is exhausting and fruitless. In a purely circumstantial but definite kind of way, those people who want to be in our lives will have to work at it. I have a few in my world who continue to sit on their ass and expect me to make up the difference even three hours away. It is a relief, because those relationships are dead weight that I should have stopped nursing along years ago. Now, we can all mutter something about busy lives and kids and miles apart and sleep okay at night. The people who have been a solid rock for us to cling to in the past are still there, and remain unchanged. I remember a good friend telling me over and over again, “Relationships aren’t really that hard. The good has to outweigh the bad. That’s about all there is to it.” So if the good doesn’t outweigh the bad, inevitably you will fade into someone we used to know. Its not as bad as it sounds. It actually tastes a little like fresh air and freedom.

I’m learning a lot about myself and what I want out of my next 35 years. It is entirely different than I thought it would be ten years ago, but I feel like I’m closer to who God made me to be than I ever have been. I’ve spent the last five years clinging to comfort zones, and I’ve spent the last five weeks sprinting into the most uncharted territory I’ve ever been through.Team Thiele’s theme for 2016 is Pushing the Limits. Stay tuned…

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