A Few of My Favorites – Meet the Baileys

Regardless of where you stand in the fitness world, these two deserve props on many levels. They both make me all googly-eyed. Dana, because she has mind over matter mastered and tells her body how its gonna be instead of the other way around… and Rob, because of the adoration, love and support he gives his wife. I have a completely different body type than Dana and her physique is totally and completely unattainable for me (I’d end up looking more like Kai Greene) but I can set goals parallel to her mindset and focus. If you aren’t familiar with the Baileys, search for them on YouTube and watch a few interviews. I heart them so much.

A great introduction to Rob and Dana:



So here we are…

My fitness blog is back by semi-popular demand… I will do my best to try to update as much as possible. I usually find some pretty interesting stuff regarding diet and fitness and will share that, as well as my Pinterest fails and triumphs (I think this is really the part people want… I can screw some stuff up… believe me…). I’ve had some requests to recertify and get back into training. I’m not sure this is the best time for that, but it is definitely a thought in my head, and kind of like a long lost love I just can’t quite get over, so I’m sure I’ll do it at some point. I’ll update about that as I talk myself out of it… and you talk me back into it again. Fitness and diet modifications are where I spend most of my energy, so it makes sense that I write about the trials, tribulations, failures and successes I encounter as I grow and fine-tune this part of me. First tip: don’t attempt to include L-Glut powder in scrambled egg whites. Gross on every level. No idea why it even came to pass… but now you know, I guess…

Your homework is to check out this link: www.breakingmuscle.com

I’m a little obsessed with executing a handstand push-up at some point, and they just posted a seven step process to get there… EXCITED…

Until then, I am blessing you with a few weak attempts… Swallow your drink before you watch these. Trust me.

Hand stand at Gs